Our mission is to empower YOU with the tools, knowledge and guidance for you to successfully eliminate debt, lower and control your expenses, and plan for the future. We want to help eliminate that sick feeling every time you see a bill and replace it with a great feeling, a feeling of control and are success 

Seem to get paid but never seem to have any money? We can help figure it out where it goes and help get a handle on it!

Bills flowing like a faucet open full blast? We’ll help figure out how to slow that flow!

Love your high life but hate the high bills? We can help you find balance?

Striking out on your own for the first time? We can help prepare a plan for success!

Overwhelmed? Don’t even know where to start? We can help!

Newly separated/divorced and “they always took care of that stuff”?  We will empower you to do it for yourself. You are STRONG enough, SMART enough and DESERVE to have control of your financial life.

Is the word Budget equal to another Bu--t word in your mind? It’s okay, we all have a love/hate relationship with money.

Does paying the bills each month make you want to throw a tantrum? It’s natural. You’re frustrated. No one likes paying bills (unless it’s the LAST one, we can show how fun that one is.) We can help.

Does money make one happy? NOT REALLY, or maybe for a short time, but it can give opportunity and opportunity can lead to happiness

Does worrying about it make you miserable? YES, ABSOLUTELY


When it comes to money do you need :

A ‘parent” (that’s not your actual parent) to keep on track

A coach with a game plan

A friend that won’t judge and will ‘hold your hand’

A therapist to listen to you vent and help conquer issues

A teacher that’ll share the skills to succeed


Think you can’t afford to call us? You can’t afford to NOT call us!


Call (720) 432-4257 or email us at 

money maven @ moneymantis.com

Money Mantis offers Debt Elimination and Bill Reduction Assistance


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