What We Do


We empower our clients with the tools, knowledge and guidance to successfully eliminate debt, control expenses, and plan for the future. We want to help eliminate that sick feeling you get every time a bill arrives and replace it with a feeling of control and are success. 

Where We Can Help

Lifestyle Cost Assessment- we analyze currently spending and debt so that clients have that knowledge. We set up an individual plan to cut expenses, without killing lifestyle, chip away at debt, and plan for future expenses.

Debt Negotiation- We will actively call and negotiate on your behalf, in your presence, to lower balances on outstanding accounts. We have a proven track record of being able to reduce balances by substantial amounts. In many cases, we have saved our clients thousands of dollars and in some case even gotten the debt forgiven completely. We charge a sliding scale based on the individual and total amounts negotiated. Our fees determined by balanced negotiated off, not balance owed. You only pay for our success.  **Debt Negotiation Services usually must be done during normal business hours. For more info, meet our client Sally.

Medical Bill Review and negotiation- With over 15 years experience, our medical reviewer can review current bills for accuracy, negotiate medical debt,

Medical Bill Negotiation- Our medical reviewer help you negotiate with providers for future service prices (very useful for those with no or bad insurance coverage).

Small Business Help: Expenses out of control? Looking to expand but want to control costs? We’ll not only audit to show what you are spending, we will help audit TIME and show where you can save money.  We can examine the entire company, or a specific department or expenditure.     


How Do We Help

Individual Guidance – One on one appointment to get your budget under control and a plan to eliminate outstanding debt. Follow-up sessions to keep clients on track and adjust for any changes in life. At your site or ours.

Group Sessions (limit 4 individuals) – You and your friend(s) need help? Save money by sharing sessions and help support each other in getting on track!

Sponsored Sessions- Know someone who needs help? Sponsor a session for someone else with the “Buddy Budget” Program. Purchase sessions outright at a discount, or get one hour free for a friend for every 5 hours purchased for yourself.  


Sponsor a class for a local non-profit (woman’s shelter, teen program, etc) Contact us for more info.

Public Classes- topics include Basic Budget skills, Your Credit Score, Slash Medical Costs, Home Buying Must-Haves, Avoiding Wedding Budget Wreckers, etc. 

Private Classes – topics as requested


Think you can’t afford to call us? You can’t afford to NOT call us!


or email us at money maven @ moneymantis.com


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